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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

L'Italia s'è Desta!!!

Italia 2 - Ireland Nil

FCKYA!! or Cazzo Sì!! (i think).  The Beloved looked like merda to start the game, almost gifting the opening kick directly to Robbie Keane on a terrible back pass by Pirlo (i think).  Good thing Robbie Keane sucks (fa schifo).  For the first 20 minutes, they looked a little clueless as Prandelli went back to the typical 4-4-2 that we're used to.  Not only a new formation, but 4 (four!) new starters in the line-up, including 3 blue-liners.

But thanks to Antonio Cassano's header off a Pirlo corner, the good guys took the 1-nil lead in the 35th.  Btw: Cassano seriously looks like Val Kilmer...not Top Gun Val Kilmer....but Val Kilmer today...like MacGruber Val Kilmer.

Nervous moments until Mario Balotelli scored the greatest goal ever, and suddenly I was a fan of this jag off...


No idea what that dude is saying.   

Almost better than the goal, was Leonardo Bonucci grabbing Balotelli by the mouth before he said something stupid.  Fucking hilarious!!!  Awesome display of skill from Balotelli.  I'm still not buying a jersey any time soon.

Even more nervous moments after victory with the Spain / Croatia game still up for grabs.  A goal from Croatia woulda knocked out Italy.  Spain held on.  VITTORIA!!!!

The Azzurri play Sunday against the winner of Group D - France or England most likely.  Barzagli was a welcome return to the lineup.  Bad news is Chiellini appears to be out.  That sucks.  But for tonight, we party.  Festeggiare!!

Spain 1 - Croatia Nil

From little I saw from the that game, Croatia had a legit chance to knock off the crazy Spaniards. A winner from Croatia woulda been pretty fucking awesome.  And for some good pals of ours, we were rooting for them to get thru...just not at the sake of Italy.  I think Iker Casillas made some silly saves or something.  And Iniesta is having quite the tourney.

Spain will play the runner up in Group D, and they look ripe for the picking.

hated doing that one :)


TBek said...

Greatest goal ever? You been sleeping in your hyperbolic chamber again? Wasn't even the best for 24 hours when Ibra hit his bullet yesterday. Not sure it is better than Danny Welbeck's on Friday either. But, it is the best goal by a certifiable loon.

gary said...

*that's* what I meant to say! greatest goal ever by certifiable loon.

I need to use "loon" more. Or "salario" in Italian :)