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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Match Day 4 - Group D

England 1 - France 1

England supporters are most likely happy with the result, as well they should be.  Yet much of the match was a snooze fest as Roy Hodgson parked the school bus at the top of 18 the entire game.  The conservative nature was even more apparent when England did have possession, and central MF's Scott Parker and Stevie G barely ventured past the midfield line.

James Milner missed a golden chance that Wayne Rooney surely woulda buried.  18-year old Oxlade-Chamberlain looks like a player.  Glad to see our boy Gerrard figure in the scoring off a free kick, but we'd love to see him take more liberties up field.  Maybe England opens things up against Ukraine and Sweden.  Maybe.

Great goal from Frenchie Samir Nasir, although the celebration was a tad weird.  Get jacked up and yell and scream OR do the Max Talbot finger to lips "shhhhhh" thingy. Doing both seems counter productive.

Ukraine 2 - Sveden 1

Pretty much a cracker.  May have been the most entertaining match of the tourney so far.  54 year old Andriy Shevchenko became the oldest dude to score at the Euros, and did so twice.  Both goals were beauties, as well. Good for him...seems like a swell guy.

The first half was back and forth, but provided no goals.  Ibra opened the scoring in the 52nd with a nice little touch right in front of goal.  Shortly after, Shevchenko tied it with a diving header.  Seven minutes later, another header off a corner gave the Ukraine the lead for good.  The home crowd went berserker.  Good times.

On paper, it was an upset.  But Ukraine was definitely the better side for much the game, and played some pretty attractive footie with some surprising pace.  Group D has gotten real interesting, and based off Ukraine's play in this game, I wouldn't be surprised to see them get thru.

2nd round of Group play starts today.  Fckya.

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Anonymous said...

Nasri was shushing the media who blasted a recent performance. Or he forgot which way the bit goes in his mouth. - TBek