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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Group A in the books

Greece 1 - Russia Nil

The supposed class of Group A is ousted. Yeah, the Greeks are trying to spoil everyone's fun again, and play a pretty bland and boring style. But how bout some blame to the Ruskies for not putting the ball in the net? After blistering the Czech's boobies in their 1st game with 4 goals, they manage just 1 against Poland and Greece.  Kherzakov had another 17 shots taken, and not a single one on target.

Greek skipper Giorgos Karagounis had the lone goal for Greece, and then got his 2nd yellow in the Group stage after having a conniption fit.  Well...the yellow was given for diving, and then he had the conniption fit.  He'll miss the first round of the knockouts, most likely against Germany.  Eff Greece...there's no way they get past Germany.  So any fears of this being another 2004 will be short lived. They will lose, and everyone will rejoice.

Czechs 1 - Polska - Nil

Jaromir Jagr got the lone goal for the Czechs, and after getting smacked around by Russia, they won their final 2 games to win the group.  Great effort by Poland, as they had a slew of chances early in the game.  But just like Russia, they couldn't bury it.  Having a host team in the knockouts woulda been fun.  Unfortunately, that task will be left up to Ukraine.

For the record, I had Russia and Poland moving on in the Group.  I also had the Netherlands winning Group B, so I'm doing really awesome at this.

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