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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Group Play Finito

England 1 - Ukraine Nil

This game kinda sucked for awhile.  Then England scores, and wifey and I argue about who should be given more credit on the goal.  Of course, it was Stevie G!!!  Gerrard scampers by like 6 dudes down the right side after putting one dude in the mix, sends in a wicked cross that goes thru 8 people, and finally finds Wayne Rooney's goofy doom.  All Rooney did was stick his noggin on it.  Fckya Gerrard!

Ukraine came out with a bunch of youngsters we knew nothing about.  Shevchenko came on as a sub late to a big applause from the home crowd.  The Ukraine coach looked like he was bitching up a storm about a non goal that John Terry cleared.  The ball looked like it was over the line, and Ukraine got screwed by the call.  Still...they needed TWO goals to get thru...a draw woulda done nothing.  Get over it.

Afterwards, of course ESPN had their panties in a bunch about instant replay and how every country in the world outside of the US needs to get with the program like the NFL.  If "goal line technology" means the ball lights up neon red when the ball crosses the line, and we know instantly...I say go with it.  Otherwise, if "goal line technology" means the ref is going under some dumb hood to look at an instant replay while we watch 10 minutes of commercials, I say fuck it.

England not only advances, but they win the Group.  They will lose to Italy on Sunday at 2:30.

Svedes 2 - France Nil

Didn't really watch this game.  By "really" I mean not at all.  Had to utilize the DVR, and we choose the above.  Sounds like France shit the bed.  I think they were pretty much thru, tho.  Ibra scored the goal of the tournament (no...SERIOUSLY this time)...

That's pretty sick.  Too bad Sveden is heading home. France will play Spain on Saturday at 2:30. Before this performance, I woulda said France might beat Spain. Now I'm not so sure. I want to say they lost intentionally to avoid Italy ;)

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