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Monday, June 18, 2012

Orange Crushed, Group of Dicks is settled

thanks to Tirpak!

Portugal 2 - NED 1

Brutally awful performance from Holland, losing every single game.  The worst part, and maybe its biggest reflection on Bert Van Marwijk, is that they look disinterested.  Even after getting their life line heading into the 3rd game, and scoring the first goal from Van der Fart against Portugal, the effort seemed lackluster.

We saw from France in the 2010 World Cup what happens when the inmates run the asylum. It was no secret that BVM and Arjen Robben had some words in their last game. Apparently, the coach wasn't too happy with Robben's defensive play.  So bench his ass!  Robben was lousy, and everyone with eyes noticed. You had no problem benching your son-in-law (Van Bommel, above), so why be afraid to sit your talented winger who gave you NOTHING all tournament?

Robben wasn't the only under performer.  Van Persie, who scores when he wants, stunk.  The entire back line stunk. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who everyone wanted to see play more, was invisible in his only start.

Props to Portugal.  They were the 2nd best team in the Group, and now that Ronaldo got going, could be a very dangerous team.  We kinda rip Christiano Ronaldo around these parts, and make fun of him whenever we can.  I mean..he's kind of a ponce, and looks like a real jag with his legs spread wide open over free kicks.

But the dude is pretty great.  Yesterday, we got a glimpse.  Ronaldo's eyes lit up against the Swiss cheese defence of the NEDs and might have scored 6 goals with a little more luck.  Every other minute, there was a Porto dude behind the NED back line, and most of the times, it was Ronaldo.  He'll annoy us some more, I'm sure.  But yesterday was his day.  Portugal will play those cheeky Czechs in the Quarters on Thursday.

Germs 2 - Danes 1

I didn't see much of this game, other than snippets on ESPN3, as I had the other fixture on the boob tube.  Denmark appeared crazy enough to win this game for awhile.  In the end, Germany was too much, and they are clearly on a path to the finals. SCHWEINSTEIGER. They've got Greece up next on Friday.  Bye bye Greece.

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