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Thursday, June 21, 2012

EURO Quarterfinals Predictions

Serious EURO withdrawals yesterday, with no games for the first time in 12 days.  Looking back at our Group predictions, EC picked 4 out of 8.  50% WINNERS!! Our standards are high around here, and that's a pretty incredible winning %...ask Pittsburgh Pirate fans.

Our updated QUARTERS Predictions, so you may bury your man:

Portos over Czechs.  Portugal, WINNER.  Ronaldo is now on board, the Czechs are cooked.

Germs over Greeks.  Germany, WINNER. Too much class from Germany.

Spain over France.  Spain, Winner.  I really wanted to Frenchy here, but I can't.  Not with that dud they pulled against Sveden.

Italy over England.  Italy, WINNER.  FORZA!!


Germany over Italy.  Germs, WINNER.  It worked last time, so I'll pick against my boys and root for oppo.  If Italy should get past Germany...that would be pretty fckya, and I'll go berzerker.  Yes...I'm looking past England.

Porto over Spain, Portugal, WINNER.  Here it is...those crazy Spaniards and their run ends here.


Germs over Porto.  GERMANY, WINNER.  And then Michael Ballack can play with himself on camera for ESPN.

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