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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

11 Minutes

I remember awhile back (over a year) EC had a discussion about the amount of action or inaction a typical televised sporting event has. Well, the Wall Street Journal is here to revive the debate... at least where the NFL is concerned. As you may have guessed by the title, you can expect 11 minutes of live football action over a typical 3 hour and 5 minute broadcast.

So what do the networks do with the other 174 minutes in a typical broadcast? Not surprisingly, commercials take up about an hour.

The real kick in the pants; you'll spend more time watching replays of the game, than of the game.

Conference championships this weekend! Get Pumped!!!

1 comment:

gbvh said...


as i say ... football is just what they show between the commercials.

or ... how can there be such thing as a "delay of game" penalty when the whole thing is a delay?