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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Liverpool: Best Fans in the World

Yeah, I said it. Check out the sign to Rafa:

"Don't walk through a storm. We'll carry you."

Chilling. The very definition of "supporter."


gbvh said...

rumour has it rafa is juve-bound.

Kono said...

ooooo fat spanish waiter...

tirp said...

Need I say more?


gbvh said...


I can see T-Pak right now: "I loved them back when they were playing clubs."

Nickelback now has the theme song for Raw Is War, too. Play it about a dozen times each episode.
It actually fits pretty nicely, gotta say.
Better than the previous one which went "I just want to be, want to be loved" as they showed wrestlers beating the tar out of each other.

gbvh said...

...which i just learned is by papa roach.