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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RMU Hockey Shocks the World?

Twice? After the first "shocking" on Friday at Mellon Arena, is that possible? Or is the second beating now a ho-hum formality? I'm sure HC Derek Schooley would not consider it a shocker, but we here at EC have always had a fondness for athletes who use that proclamation (insert sarcastic face here).

In a span of 3 days, the Beloved Colonial takes down the #1 team in the nation, Miami of Ohio...twice. We were in attendance for the first beat down at the Igloo, the climactic game of the annual RMU Hockey Showcase. And being the preeminent blog in the entire civilized world, we forgot our camera. Hence...no footage. Word on the streets is that the preeminent RMU Hockey blog, RMU Centre Ice, will be back up and running soon, so perhaps this little sweep of the #1 Redhawk will prompt that particular blogger to get off their ass!! (insert smiley face here).

Anyway...big time win for Bobby Mo on Friday vs. #1 Miami, OH. The Redhawk is stacked with NHL caliber prospects, and starting in net Friday was the NCAA's top G in Cody Reichard (1.3 GPA). Bob was outshot 38-25 (14-5 in the 3rd), but Brooks Ostergard stood on his head, and a 3rd period goal by senior J.C. Velasquez provided the difference. I believe the crowd was announced at @ 3,000, and they apparently enjoyed seeing the stunned Miami faithful sitting on their hands for most of the game (OK...at least I did).

In the return match back in Ohio on Sunday, Ostergard again stopped 38 shots, and Bob got a couple of PPG's in the 2nd period as they swept the soon-to-be former #1 team in the NCAA.

Probably the definition of anti-climatic, but this was the only video we could find on Bobby Mo hockey from this past weekend...so here's the preview of the RMU Hockey Showcase which aired last week during a Pens' intermission on FSN...

The Colonials return home this weekend to Neville Island, where they'll have Fri / Sat games vs. CHA foe Alabama-Huntsville. Plenty of good seats remain. So get off your asses, get to the Island, and show these dudes some props.


Dave Weldon said...

Are you calling me out?

Cause I think you just did.

gary said...

I'm not calling you out.

I'm throwing you under the bus.

Big difference :)

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