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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Go back to those Gold Soundz

Pavement - Quarantine the Past

Didn't see that one coming. A "Greatest Hits" album on the brink of the big reunion tour? Appears the release date is March 9th. Pre-order HERE from Matador. $11.90 cheap for the vinyl (8-fitty for the CD). Matador will also be re-releasing all 5 of the label's albums, as well as the Watery Domestic EP (aka the best EP ever made).

But check this out:

GUESS THE PLAYLIST, all 23 tracks, and you can win lots of fun prizes (including a trip to NYC for their first show there). Go HERE to start guessing. They even give you hints!

Oh...and all FOUR of Pavement's shows in NYC this September are officially sold out. I will be in attendance for all four, pumpt.

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