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Friday, January 08, 2010

The BCS Championship according to Brent Musberger

The Cliff Notes version:

You are looking LIVE. Colt McCoy, the star Texas QB, is injured folks. Colt McCoy, has been led back to the locker room folks. There's his father, Mr. McCoy, going to check on his son in the locker room. Colt McCoy's backup is freshman Garrett Gilbert, folks. (Kirk Herbstreit interjection: the game is moving "too fast" for the freshman QB). Alabama QB Greg McElroy hasn't lost a game since the 8th grade, folks. There's his dad, Mr. McElroy. Colt McCoy has made it back to the sidelines to cheer on his teammates. There's Colt McCoy with a headset on, ready to cheer on his teammates. Mark Ingram...you all know the story on him, folks. (but in case you don't) Mark Sr. is incarcerated and stays in touch with Mark every day. There's Mark Ingram's mother. Let's take you to Colt McCoy, where he will try to cry for you on camera...

My personal favorite part of the BCS Championship:

Nick Saban (smug) gets pissy after getting doused with red Gatorade, causing his white shirt to fade into an embarrassing pink. Hilarious.

Note to pompous coaches: if you're ever caught saying "it isn't about me", then usually that's exactly what it is...all about you.

Congrats Alabama.

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Dan Yost said...

Congrats Alabama for winning by more than four points.