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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Steven A. Smith replaces Steve Czaban

COLOSSAL FAIL by Fox Sports Radio.

This news of the weird broke a couple weeks ago. Tired of the Mike & Mike shtick on ESPN (which doesn't take long), I changed the dial on my XM car radio to see if this was possibly just a bad joke.

Nope. There was Steven A, talking about the "steroid error" (I believe he meant to say "era", but I guess words come out differently when you fake excitement). So the first caller I listen to starts to compare baseball with "white corporate America"...something about "Barry Bonds is treated different than Mark McGwire because he's black."

Three notes:
  1. I quit caring about baseball a few years ago.
  2. Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire are equal parts douche.
  3. My 2 minute life span of listening to Steven A. Smith has elapsed.

Someone smarter than the meat heads at FSR will eventually put the talented Czaban back on national airwaves, but until then:

You can still listen to Czabe on his local DC show via ESPN Radio HERE. Bookmark it.

Or follow the Daily Czabe on his blog HERE.

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