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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pens Need to Pick it Up

And not just their power play...

As much as I was a fan on the Pens' 2008-2009 "A Great Day For Hockey" campaign, I equally dislike this season's "Defy Ordinary" slogan. If not for "We Will" it would be the worst Pittsburgh sports campaign I've been alive to see.

So, if there are any Pittsburgh Penguins video employees reading this, allow me to suggest drawing some inspiration from the Boston Bruins. Apparently they had (have??) a campaign featuring a guy a bear suit aggressively encouraging the locals to become better hockey fans. I have one commercial posted here, but check out the whole collection, as they are quite brilliant in their simplicity.

Reminds me of some commercials I remember a small university's sports show did a couple years back...

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Dave Weldon said...

Those ideas for the commercials come from marketing, and from an outside consultant.

We are merely puppets.

And on top of that, we don't even work on the commercials, they are done outside of the company at a ridiculous cost.

Sad really. Bruins came up with some great stuff.