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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Did I hear correctly? The "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" guy died?!? Yes, unfortunately, he has. A quick Google search of "Sunday Sunday Sunday Monster Truck Voice Guy" will reveal that Jan C. Gabriel has indeed passed.

The Chicago voice-over legend has his own little web page, and it has confirmed as such with a respectful little audio homage to him. Jan, we hardly knew ya.

In honour of Jan, this should be a fun little Sunday Sunday Sunday:

12:30: The Mighty Pens vs. The Dicksmack Flyers - NBC
2:30: The Milan Derby - FSC

And what should mount to an incredible main course with 22 minutes of scintillating NFL Conference Final action, EC is siding with the Under in the Colt / Jet game, and we're laying it with the Saint. Hopefully, we'll be spared of a two week hype monster headed by Brett Favre (aka: the old gunslinger). Speaking of the Vikings, this has to be an Internet hoax:

Prince's new "fight" song for the Minnesota Vikings:

No. Seriously. WHAT. THE. F*#K?

It's either a joke, or the dumbest thing I have ever heard.


Dan Yost said...

SUNDAY SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! Be there, unless you're dead or in jail. And, if you're jail, BREAK OUT!

That guy, legend.

Reading, into the 5th round. WHOO!!!

Kono said...

Prince Rogers Nelson truly is a musical genius cuz it takes genius to make doshit this horrendous. I'm sure gospel songs will be huge next year at football stadiums everywhere.