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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Textbook Committee at Canal Street Tavern

Chicago's absolute best Guided By Voices cover band performs in the GBV Heartland this Saturday, at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton. Sounds like the perfect time for friends, suds, and pure rawk bliss.

Who's coming with me?

For the first time ever, I may yell out "FLAT BEAUTY!!", and actually here it live??


Jables said...


gbvh said...


We're gonna drive your Thunderbird through Canada
I'm not supposed to tell you
Up to the tundra, I'm focused in my development
I'm not supposed to tell you
Don't leave any notes for Birgit
She don't have to know
One foolish life in the snow

I've got tickets to the circus of delirium
I'm not supposed to tell you
Complements of the fabulous freebird
I'm not supposed to tell you
Don't leave any clues for Betsy
She don't have to look
One silly page in the book

Take the time to stumble
Show them faith in something larger in your life

Don't leave any clouds(?) for Carol
She shouldn't have to cry
Where is the spark in your eye?
This is the day that we fly
Don't waste your time on goodbye

Dan Coffey said...

Do they cover post GbV Pollard tunes?

gbvh said...

Flat Beauty
Guided By Voices
Played Live:

10/19/2002 Chukker - Tuscaloosa, AL Main
10/17/2002 Alrosa Villa - Columbus, OH Encore 2
09/22/2002 Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH Main
09/08/2002 Garage - London Encore 1
09/07/2002 Ancienne Belgique - Brussels Encore 1
07/21/2002 Rosebud - Pittsburgh, PA Main
04/19/2002 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA Encore 2
04/16/2002 Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC Main
04/10/2002 Warsaw - Brooklyn, NY Main
02/24/2002 Hurricane - Kansas City, MO Main
12/31/2001 Apollo Theater - New York, NY Main
12/29/2001 Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA Main
05/19/2001 Fletcher's - Baltimore, MD Main
05/12/2001 Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL Encore 2
05/03/2001 Irving Plaza - New York, NY Encore 1
05/01/2001 Paradise - Boston, MA Encore 1
04/28/2001 Valentine's - Albany, NY Encore 1
04/25/2001 Opera House - Toronto, ON Encore 1
04/13/2001 Gypsy Tea Room - Dallas, TX Encore 1
03/30/2001 Showbox - Seattle, WA Main
03/27/2001 Bluebird Theatre - Denver, CO Encore 1
03/24/2001 400 Bar - Minneapolis, MN Main
03/22/2001 Rave - Milwaukee, WI Main
03/09/2001 Asheville Music Zone - Asheville, NC Encore 1
02/17/2001 Black Cat - Washington, DC Encore 1
02/16/2001 Theater Of The Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA Encore 1
02/12/2001 Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL Main
09/21/2000 Metro - Chicago, IL Main
04/28/2000 Be Here Now Club - Asheville, NC Main
04/15/2000 Showbox - Seattle, WA Main
02/22/2000 Corner Hotel - Melbourne Encore 1
02/16/2000 Powerstation - Auckland Main
01/21/2000 Elbow Room - Columbia, SC Main
01/17/2000 Middle East - Cambridge, MA Main
01/15/2000 Irving Plaza - New York, NY Main
12/10/1999 Metro - Chicago, IL Main
09/08/1999 Cotton Club - Atlanta, GA Main
08/04/1999 First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN Main
07/27/1999 Crocodile Cafe - Seattle, WA Main
05/21/1999 South Oval Lawn (Ohio State University) - Columbus, OH Main
03/20/1999 Waterloo Park - Austin, TX Main
02/27/1999 Bimbo's 365 - San Francisco, CA Main
02/13/1999 Irving Plaza - New York, NY Main
10/20/1997 Bimbo's 365 - San Francisco, CA Main
10/08/1997 Garage - London Main
10/07/1997 Melkweg - Amsterdam Main
09/27/1997 Irving Plaza - New York, NY Main
07/26/1997 Phoenix Hill Tavern - Louisville, KY Main
07/25/1997 Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH Main
07/21/1997 Howlin' Wolf - New Orleans, LA Main
07/15/1997 Paradise - Boston, MA Main
07/14/1997 Met Cafe - Providence, RI Main
06/27/1997 Liberty Lunch - Austin, TX Main
06/18/1997 La Luna - Portland, OR Main
06/14/1997 First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN Main
06/13/1997 Union Terrace (University Of Wisconsin) - Madison, WI Main
06/07/1997 Little Brother's - Columbus, OH Main
06/06/1997 Asylum - Dayton, OH Main
05/02/1997 Westbeth Theater - New York, NY Main
04/26/1997 Phantasy Nite Club - Lakewood, OH Main
02/21/1997 Westbeth Theater - New York, NY

gbvh said...

>We All Got Out of the Army will be played prior to and in between sets at Canal Street on Saturday night.

...as Gary hurriedly googles "We All Got Out of the Army" to try to find out what the hell that is.

i kid . . .


gary said...

and you're my fact checking cuz.

Dan!! I've never seen 'em before...but apparently they've got set lists on their MySpace page.

Flat Beauty, apparently, is on there :)


How come you didn't use the large picture?

Barthatronic said...

I'll be there.

gary said...


Barthatronic said...

Missed you, sick boy. Saw your pretty lady, though. Wish you well. See you later this year in Dayton for Heedfest?

gary said...

I tried my hardest to get up and going, bud! Was off work all week, so this really hit me hard.

I am IN for HEEDFEST!!! Woot.

Hey Barth...just posted pics from the show:


looks like it was a grand time. See you in July!