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Friday, January 15, 2010

Pavement to play Pitchfork Fest?

While that has yet to be confirmed, there has been another Pavement show announcement:

Toronto Island Concert. Saturday, June 19th. Tickets go on sale next Monday, January 18th at gallery AC.com. Also playing will be Broken Social Scene and Band of Horses.

We're in.


Jables said...

Ned told me you guys are in for the Pavement Toronto show. Does this mean an entire Pittsburgh weekend in Guelph???!?!?!


gary said...

gonna try to wrap it @ TFC game, but being a Saturday show...that could be tough.

Ned will be happy to know it's World Cup time, tho :) Holland...otherwise known as The Netherlands...plays that same morning. Sounds like a weekend, providing N & M will accommodate us :)

gbvh said...

I honestly hope Toronto isn't at home that day.

That we we can have yinz up here twice in one summer!

P.S. get your passport already.

gbvh said...

... and italy plays the next day.
... and our americans play the day before.

in landycakes we trust.