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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wilco to play Pittsburgh

That's right kids. Jeff Tweedy is coming to your town. Sunday, April 11th at the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland. Tix on Sale SATURDAY at 10:00 am, via Ticketbastard. If you're interested in this show, get on it ASAP, as this will surely sell out. I already gots mines, thanks to a good pal and an internet pre-sale (the pre-sale sold out in 4 minutes).

Last time I saw them play here was @ 2002-ish, at the old Metropol, and it was jam packed. I think the view will be a bit better (that place sucked), but hopefully Jeff and crew will be able to get everyone outta their seats rather early.

Last year's Wilco (the album) (yes...lame title) available HERE.

Wilco, at the top of their game (RIP Jay Bennett), circa 1999, from Summerteeth...

from the '96 record Being There, maybe my fav Wilco album..."I Got You"


Jables said...

not the same sans Bennet. Just watched the movie I AM TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART. Realized Bennet is the mastermind. Sorry to all Tweedy fans. Although Loose Fur is pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...


gary said...

LOL! I have a great idea who Anonymous is...and sorta predicted that :) I read you like a book!!! :)

I kinda agree J...I think together they worked out pretty awesome. Personality wise, though, didn't JB sorta rub you the wrong way, i.e. douche-ish. I guess JT can come off that way tho, too.

Seen them a slew of times "back-in-da-day" in Chicago, and they always put on a good performance. Some prolonged periods of melowness at times, but other than that...good times.

gbvh said...

it wasn't meant to post as "Anonymous."
it was an EC hiccup.

so ... ahem ... you either got the wrong guy. or the wrong book. or read it wrong. for, as the archives would surely prove, the man they call gbvh stands by his statements ... with name.

(signed here in case it it goes Anonymous on me again.)

gbvh said...

used to be a fan.
even when i was, found them tres dull live.

Jables said...

I find Tweedy to be rather cuntish.

Team Bennet. Right here.