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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bad Football

The play of my beloved Italia side on Sunday against Spain was downright embarrassing. Going into the Euro Quarters, this looked to be the most attractive match-up between 2 legit powerhouses. It ended up being the only snoozefest of the round. We play 120 minutes with the intention of trying to win on PK's, only to see De Rossi and DiNatale pucker up when the match was on the line. Buffon was stellar as usual, and he kept us in it with another PK save in the shootout...which s/b enough to win it. But as someone always tells me, when your goalie is your best player...

Luca Toni sucked the entire tournament, but his support was rather lacking as well.

Cassano just isn't there yet. Di Natale was brutal. Our offense is way too dependant on getting the ball deep to Toni, and very unimaginative when he is not in form (i.e. blows). Shit...I'd rather have Pippo Inzaghi out there. Sure, he'd be called offsides a dozen times during the match, but at least he'd try to go forward.

Pirlo was missed, as predicted.

WHERE THE FUCK WAS DEL PIERO?!?!? Roberto Donadoni brings him on in the 110th minute?? Maybe that's when he realized the long-ball prayers to Luca just weren't getting the job done. I'm absolutely sick of this guy. Bring back Marcello Lippi, please!!

Ambrosini played well in place of Gattuso, but maybe we missed the feistiness of the crazed one...

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gbvh said...

PKs are a joke.
play until someone wins. period.
if you're worried about guys passing out in 40-degree heat, allow more substitutions.
if a team knows they can only win by scoring a legitimate goal, they're not going to stack their box all game in the hope of reaching PKs, which are a coin toss.