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Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't Call Me "Pac-Man", or I'll Kill You

Anytime Pac-Man...excuse me Adam Jones is mentioned in the news, I'm reminded of a line from Kevin Smith's mid-90's film "Mallrats." A little kid looking at the sailboat poster says, "It's a schooner." To which, Ethan Suplee's fat character responds:
"(insert laughter) You Dumb Bastard."
Yeah...your nickname was the problem. Where's your brain? Seriously.

Moving on...

lots of ketching up to do after our trip to lovely Guelph, ON...still need to post those Pens Playoff pics, lots of Euro and other footie action to follow up on, and we went to see Mates of State the other night at Mr. Small's. To be continued over the next few days...

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gbvh said...

hey empties crushed, after that game today, gbvh is crushed.

np: robert pollard -- feel not crushed