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Monday, June 02, 2008

Pierre McGuire is Clueless

It's official.

Unofficially, Mike Milbury is awkward.


gbvh said...

there are letters to the toronto sun seemingly every week on how much people despise pierre.
the guy just won't stop talking!?

and even a typical "hockey goal" (i.e. pinball deflections) has to come with some sort of tangible explanation as to who effed up and who didn't, why the puck went in at that trajectory etcetc.
most of the time this comes mere seconds after the goal.
pierre, sometimes goals just "happen."
this ain't football where everything is scripted.

gary said...

I've never really got on him before about his dead wrong analysis this year, i.e.:

- the Marian Hossa trade was brutal for the Pens.

- the NY Rangers are the team to beat in the East.

that's fine, those are his opinions. ill-based, but opinions none-the-less. what got me last night was his "a penalty shouldn't decide this game." well...you shouldn't stick someone in the face 5 feet from the ref you don't wanna take a penalty.

at one other time, he was singing the praises of Hal Gill...who sucked most of the night.