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Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain wins Europe, Shows Sack

Sergio Garcia can barely contain himself as time winds down in yesterday's final.

Congrats to Spain...WAY overdue major title to a country that's loaded with talented footballers. And congrats to Euro 2008, as well. Tremendous...exhilarating 3-week display of the beautiful game.

One of my favorite players from Barcelona... Xavi...Player of the Euro 2008.

Revisiting some of my terrible pre-tournament predictions:

  • Italy, sucked.
  • Spain, my 2nd choice, wins it. Very nice.
  • Had 2 of the 4 Group Winners, 6 of the 8 Quarter finalists. Eh.
  • Top goal scorers, Luca Toni and Antonio Di Natale. Ok...stop laughing.
  • Fernando Torres, somehow got named to the all-tourney team. Great game winner yesterday, but for most of the tournament I thought he was rather average.

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Dave Weldon said...

who wears a bathing suit while playing soccer, cause that's what it is....damn Spaniards