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Friday, June 06, 2008

Robert Pollard Stuff

Very blasphemous, but Uncle Bob has been a forgotten man around these parts lately with all the hockey craziness and stuff...

At least we've not been too buried to know his new album, Off To Business, was released...and promptly arrived at our doorstep last week courtesy Rockathon. Another Pollard gem...as it's been declared here...the final 4 tracks are the best 4 tracks ever featured in a row by Bob on anything ever (we're still expecting confirmation on this from gbvh). Actually, if you're a fan of track #6 "Weatherman and Skin Goddess", could it be the best side ever?

Go to Rockathon and ORDER HERE

*** If you order the vinyl from Rockathon, you get a free CDR as well. Long Live Rockathon!! Hurry, there's only 500 copies.

You can also order the download from FINA HERE


Also must thank gbvh for the heads up via The Buddha Den, that Bob is playing the 2008 Dayton Music Fest!!!! Just 4 short hours from the Burgh, in early October (I believe)...we're there.

And hey, let's the throw the great party...

We are the proud new owners of Propeller #77.


Thanks to my lovely girlfriend, Jessica...and Trader Vic who sold it to us. Life is that much more complete.


Someone sent me this the other day, Rob O'Connor's List of the Day - The 25 Best Alternative Rock Bands of the 1990's, featuring our beloved Guided By Voices at #9. Interesting list. I tend to keep in mind this is one man's opinion, so I don't take it personally. Although all of the Nirvana enthusiasts probably will when they see their band behind GBV at #10 :)

From a look at some of the comments, it looks like this guy upset a few people (how dare he have an opinion!!), with the inclusion of what many of the Yahoo readers call "unknown" bands.

Remember, he dubs it "Best" and not "Most Popular." There is a difference.

To each their own. At least my personal #1 (duh), #2 (Pavement), and possible #3 (Sonic Youth) are in there. How dare he not include Yo La Tengo and Superchunk. What a bastard.


gbvh said...

props on the propeller!
pun intended.

currently cranking to the path!
gold, baby.

my computer itunes says:
To The Path! 3:23 Robert Pollard Robert Pollard Is Off To Business Rock 81 6/6/2008 5:50 PM

that's 81 plays in one week, not including all the plays on my ipod, on the cd in my car, and on vinyl in my (evil) patio speakers.


gbvh said...

sonic youth > devo?

wow wait 'til johny hears this one. haha.

gbvh said...


gary said...

another obvious obmission is Shit Mayor