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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Game 5 for the Ages

I was writing this reply to good pal NB about last night's game, when I realized how stupidly long it was, and decided to make it a post...

Dood...5 games where Detroit's been the better team? That's complete crazy talk. Better-by-a-mile goalie play doesn't count for anything as far as the better team??

Again, the Pens deserved that win, just as they did in Game 3. They outplayed Detroit for the 1st 30 minutes of the game, as well as the final 2 OT's. With Gonch out since the 3rd, and Malone taking another puck off his already broken nose, it was an incredibly gutsy performance. And I'm glad "gutsy" counts for something in hockey...that's what differentiates it from otherwise lame sports. If that was Franzen who got hit in the face, he would've been out for the series with sprained ovaries. Yes... the Penguins went into a shell for much of 3rd, which had me whirling a plethora of f-bombs at the tube. But they weren't outplayed the entire game.

SOG's are SO overrated, especially in a series like this with conflicting styles. The Pens D, much to my dislike at times, plays much more conservatively. Detroit is allowed to gain the zone and take long wide-angle shots, because they know they've got a primo G in MAF. Quality chances are what counts, and the Pens had their fare share. When the Wings had chances, MAF snuffed them.

If Detroit's system played more like Pittsburgh...and wasn't as aggressive at the blue line or with blocking shots, Ozzie would be realized more for what he is...a stiff on a good team. He's been hot for the past month, for sure. But if he was so great as the experts claim, he wouldn't have been backing up that fossil Hasek to start the playoffs. Osgood is a slightly better than average goalie, but doesn't have a tenth of the talent MAF has. Last night...it showed. I'll give credit where it's due...Detroit's D is very solid, and they don't give up a ton of shots. That's where they've got the edge...not in goal with Osgood.

Last night's game was top notch, excitement from start to finish. The only thing disgraceful about it is the ease with which many of the Wings tumble when they're touched. Most are of the Swedish persuasion. It's becoming a joke, and they'd probably be that much better if they didn't spend so much time flopping around the ice like crippled lake trout. I believe there are 9 Swedes on Detroit. If they had 1 more, they'd make a perfect set of bowling pins.

Detroit can take their champagne and stick it. Although if the Pens get a win in Game 6, the collective puckered bung of the Wings would make that a difficult task.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis (and the Stanley Cup) has just left the building...

The Pensblog captures the moment so much better. GO HERE for their Game 5 post...as kick-ass as ever.


gbvh said...

remember -- my glasses are not shaded with black and yellow.
the pens can barely get near osgood, let alone register a shot on goal.

admitting that doesn't mean you love the team any less.
when toronto fc wins games they shouldn't, i call 'em like i see 'em and say so. still love 'em though.

gbvh said...

if not SOGs, what's there to go on?
they flashed the "scoring chances" last night too and it was way, way in detroit's favour.

if you honestly feel in your heart of hearts that detroit didn't outplay your team last night well then i'll just say i appreciate your fandom and leave it at that.

insert smiley face here ...

gbvh said...

>>Detroit can take their champagne and stick it. Although if the Pens get a win in Game 6, the collective puckered bung of the Wings would make that a difficult task.

gary...your tone has changed...you're only down 3-2.
after five games, someone's gotta be up, right?
i think you realize detroit's been the better team -- more than you realize.

smiley face again please ...

hey ... shit you not ... the "word verification" thing reads mspens!

Ms. Pens.

gary said...

Those are not "boos", those are...

"Fleury" "Fleury" "Fleury's"

scary thing is, the Pens are playing without the Hart Trophy runner-up.

gbvh said...

four days 'til euro 2008.


gbvh said...

you know what they say, if your goalie has to be your best player, that doesn't say a whole helluva a lot about what the other 20-something guys are doing in front of him.

gbvh said...

from today's toronto star, kinda echoes my point:

>>It was, given the territorial advantage the Wings had earned, a surprising result, to have the game go to extra time. That surprise became larger as the Wings kept attacking and the Pens kept reeling and defending as one overtime ended, then another.

gary said...

Also...don't underestimate: guts, resiliency, grit, sacrifice, and determination.

Just a few of the things that the Swedish Diving Team lacks.

re: Euro's. Fabio Cannavaro injured?!? That's OK...we still have my boy Marco in the middle of the defense. After that...it's the best GK in the World (after Fleury)...Mr. Gigi Buffon!!!!!!!!!

gbvh said...

detroit has all those things too. going up 3-0, dropping two, then pounding a solid dallas team in own rink? yep.
the west was just a far superior conference this season.
not quite to the disproportion it is in the nba, but definitely superior by a good chunk.

gary said...

when you flop as easily as they do, "grit" is the last thing i think of...

gbvh said...

be careful on the flopping and diving front, EC ... you do have sid the kid on your team right?

and root for italy, right?


this thread is on fire.

gary said...

the whole "Sid dives" thing is a myth, on par with Big Foot or the Lock Ness (sp?) Monster...

it's been manufactured by other Eastern Conference teams who attempted to get under his skin, old timers who jerk it to Don Cherry, and jealous folks who are tired of all the deserved "ambassador of the game" attention he gets.

What amazes me is when some Canada folk (not you) rip him. All of Canada should be proud, not only that he's the best player in the world, but he's the consumate gentleman... polite, respectful, and mature beyond his years...an actual role model who embraces that role. Knowledge lacking hockey viewers often mistake his discussions with refs as whining. He's THE CAPTAIN. His job is to talk to the refs.

Speaking of...for some of the same reasons above, I completely respect Niklas Lidstrom. But as far as the rest of his flopping, diving, Swedish teammates...wankers, I say.

Dan Rohde! said...

1. Who is this GBVH?

3. I heard that they had free T-shirts ready for the crowd in Detriot last night.

2. How much is the postage for sending 20,000 (Incorrect) 2008 Stanley Cup Champions T-Shirts to clothe an African country? I think that the Red Wings Accounting Department is worried!!

gary said...

I love how NBC kept showing them polishing off the Cup w/ under a minute left. Detroit Stunned City. Classic!!!

I also love how the Joe plays that Journey song during stoppage, turn it off before play resumes, and the crowd finishes the lyric..."Born and raised in South Detroit." That's cute.

re: GBVH. he's a really good guy. i don't agree w/ him all the time...or his love for the NBA and Frequent Phil...but a good guy nonetheless.

and I loves me some Canada...

gbvh said...

i wouldn't even say i "love" the nba. i just prefer it to ncaa.
and the major reason for that, i'll admit, is that i just haven't developed an affinity for the ncaa game (it's pretty hard to given the lack of coverage up here).

that, and the ncaa three-point distance pisses me off. haha ...

gbvh said...

i don't think it's unfair to say he dives. i've seen the evidence.

it's not like most canadians don't love (or credit) all the other great things about him.

pointing out one "flaw" doesn't mean he ain't great.

*ronaldo is a great player too.
however his theatrics and diving make me gag.

*note -- i am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM suggesting sid's diving antics are even in the same hemisphere as ronaldo's.
and, hey, osgood dove bigtime verus dallas.
and, hey, fleury flopped to draw that phantom goalie interference penalty.

this is just the way hockey has been going in recent years ... more and more like soccer (which i love, as you know -- but have no problem criticizing) with the diving, whining and theatrics.