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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Yankees are Coming....YAY!

No disrespect to the Yankees, but this is HUGE news around Pittsburgh for some reason.

With the Pens season over, and the Steelers preseason over a month away, it gets pretty slow around these parts in June.


Dan Rohde! said...

Teams such as the yankees are the reason that I stopped watching Baseball.... though 6-7 innings at PNC park is somewhat fun.

Bring on the salary Cap!!! Then I will be an avid fan again!

gary said...

could not have said it better, my friend.

gbvh said...

i agree. part of me hopes the yanks and red sox win the world series every year for the next 20.
maybe then the suits will figure it out. though i doubt it.

it's baseball's responsibility though, not the teams'.

gbvh said...

...by that i mean baseball collectively (which means "teams" of course).

the crazy part is euro soccer is even more ridiculous in its cash disparity. same teams every year. yawn. but salary caps there would be next to impossible cuz there are so many countries competing for players. if one country put in a SC, they'd lose players to others which are paying the big cheques.

gary said...

yeah...I should clarify my opinion - i don't necessarily dislike the Yankees...they're a product of the baseball environment. the players as a whole and the owners are both to blame