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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Closer You Are...

the quicker it hits you...

bringing closure to the Pens season, or at least trying to. However, with a plethora of unrestricted FA's still unsigned, the puck stress is still killing me.

Malone's a goner, but if for some crazy reason he gets resigned, that's my next jersey. The whole puck to the pre-broken face thingy really sold me on this guy...tough as balls. But as I said, he's most likely outta here. 2007-08 was fun. Prior to that...I ripped you for being a pansy-ass. But you stepped up big time this year, and will get paid elsewhere for it.

I want the Pens to resign Hossa. If not for any other reason...to spite Pierre McGuire who insists there's no chance. With the cap going up $6.4 million (as opposed to the predicted $3), I feel a bit better about the prospects.

We may need to move one of these offensive defensemen. With Letang and Goligoski, Whitney and Gonchar's contracts are too large to keep. Gonch is getting up there, and Whitney simply isn't worth the $4 million they're giving him. I'd rather his contract got moved over to Orpik.

Gary Roberts. Thank you, sir.

Whatever happens, just keep in mind...

a little more than 3 months til the puck drops in Stockholm, Sweden.

Can. Not. Wait.

Posted some pics from the last couple months over at flickr. Good times...


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lots more, click here

Dave T...thanks for the DVD!!! Any of my fellow Pens pals out there...need to contact him re: this must see...capturing the whole season along with some great playoff party moments. Glorious times.

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