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Monday, June 02, 2008

Hats Off to Detroit

Hey...gotta give credit where it's due. Detroit has found a way to beat the more talented team in the Penguins. Also have to give them props for their defensive play. The Red Wings are incredibly good at clogging up the neutral zone...clutching, grabbing, and obstructing any way possible without getting called for it. Perhaps that's an area where the Pens need to concentrate on getting better, provided the NHL continues to allow it. So kudos to you Detroit.

I'm not giving up quite yet, especially with the superior talent on the Pens. It'll be tough, but not impossible. Maybe Geno will wake up. Who knows. If they go down tonight, it's been a fun ride.

Could be the last time we get to see unrestricted FA Brooks Orpik play in the Burgh, and if so, he'll forever be remembered for this barrage of hits on some of the Detroit Divers in Game 3...

More sadly, Gary Roberts last week eluded to the fact that this will be his final season. Au revoir, Mr. Roberts. It's been fun. You will be missed.

Final note...heard the NBA is going old skool for its Final Series pitting the Lakers vs. the Celtics. I bet someone makes a shot and pounds their chest.

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>I bet someone makes a shot and pounds their chest.