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Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Tase Me Bro

I think gbvh and jables were supposed to visit this weekend, and I believe this was the Pirate game that was on the agenda. Probably the most exciting the thing to happen at a Pirate game since 19-something-and-5.

U-S-and-A! U-S-and-A! U-S-and-A!


TB said...




I'm missing context here...why the "USA" chant?

gary said...

haha! i was confused by that as well. but upon further review, the dude is wearing all U-S-A gear. from what i heard, the entire section was pretty rowdy, so it sounds like they were egging him on...getting him all jackt up. and jackt up he did.

Jables said...

Go sports!

KMiiiK said...

So Crazy! At the same time finishing the opening line of this, what song do you think came on. It's on shuffle. GBV roulette! Nuts!

gary said...

This just in:

The Pirates are giving that one cop with the billy club a try out. they like his stroke. If he can field the ball, he may be playing SS by as early as this weekend.