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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Penguins fans applaud the idiocy of Colin Campbell

YES!!! The complete incompetency of Colin Campbell has played in our favor!!  Chris Kunitz only gets 1 game for his brutal and blatant elbow to Simon Gagne's head.  The NHL Wheel of Justice could have easily spun to the 2 or 3 games penalty.

We love Kuni. This is his 1st offense, and we seriously think this was a once-off deal for him. He's a pretty smart player, so this move was kinda weird for us fans. Still, 1 game appears kinda light. But nobody should be surprised by anything Campbell does.  Expecting anything from the NHL was your first mistake.  Maybe Kunitz got off light because Campbell thinks Simon Gagne is a "little fake artist."  Maybe Kunitz is a distant cousin who might play for the Bruins one day?   Maybe Gagne touched his daughter?  Who knows, and who cares at this point.  The Pens will rejoice this "decision" by the NHL "brain trust."

Then there is Steve Downie. Unlike Kunitz, Dildo is a repeat offender. Downie got 20 games a few years ago for this...

That was in the preseason. The NHL has scientific proof that a hit like this in the preseason is more likely to cause injury than the same hit in the post season, so it should be punished more severely.  Reason why this hit in the post season...

resulted in only a 1 game suspension.

But for Pens fans, that is also AWESOME news! Steve Downie is more likely to cost his team a game than he is to win one. We WANT Steve Downie in the Tampa Bay line-up. We NEED him on that wall.


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