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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Game 7. Do it.

I'll save the soliloquy about how the PP blows, Kovalev needs to be less lazy, Engelland needs to play ahead of Lovejoy, it's not Fleury's fault, Talbot should change his name to Big Game Talbot, Colin Campbell screwed us with the Matt Cooke suspension, Ryan Malone is a useless turd, Guy Boucher needs to quit whining about Orpik, Roloson has been awesome (but still looks crazy), I wish we still had Kris Letang playing for us, CFA has balls bigger than your head, Michalek and Martin need to be better and more physical, James Neal (insert something here)....but you still need to believe in Disco Dan and the heart of this effing team.



ned said...
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ned said...

Sorry about the Pens.

Electrifying conclusion: Should have gone to Mogwai.