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Friday, April 15, 2011

Record Store Day is HERE

There are approximately 1500 independent record stores around the nation participating this year, and there are 3 right here in the Burgh that we will be perusing Saturday afternoon.

Dave's Music Mine - South Side
Dave's will be carrying a few of the limited edition releases that people will be lining up for early in the morning. There are a few nice ones to be found (see the complete list HERE), including a Foo Fighters LP of cover songs (previously unreleased), a Green Day / Husker Du collaboration, a Rolling Stones 7" of "Brown Sugar" (only 5,000 pressed), a Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" single, and a Ramones / Red Hot Chili Peppers 7" of Havana Affair.

Upon the last time I checked, they were supposed to get a New Pornographers release as well, but that no longer appears on the list (sigh). Further more, it sounds like the Dave's people are a little upset over the quantity of these releases that they rec'd. Of the aforementioned releases, this is what they have in stock:
  • Stones - 5 copies
  • Havana Affair - 2 copies
  • Husker Du / Green Day - 1 copy
  • Foo - 9 copies
  • Beach Boys - 10 copies
Dave's will open the store at 9:00am (I imagine the line will form outside prior to this), and sales will start at 10:00am.  Everyone will receive a # upon entry to the store.  The limited edition RSD releases are sold at one copy / person.  From the quantities I've seen, these could be sold out with the first 5-10 customers in the store.  Not Dave's fault, mind you, so please don't go into the store and be all bitchy will store personnel.  Remember, it's a joyous occasion and a day to celebrate records.

editor's note: I have no affiliation with Dave's Music Mine, and don't know a single soul who works there.  we just believe in being nice (until it's time not to be nice, and Dalton will tell you when that is).

So with this unfortunate news, I doubt I'll be one of those ambitious crazies lining up before 9:00.  I'll concede.  However, we will definitely be making our way to Dave's at some point, most likely after a hearty breakfast and the hangover wears off (let's go Pens!!).

Jerry's Records - Murray Ave

Jerry's will be another place who will be receiving some of my hard earned cash tomorrow.  While Jerry's is not participating in the limited release thingy, they are doing something special.  They are giving away 10,000 records tomorrow, in 100/bx quantities.  I'm a long time math guy, so what that says to me is: the first 100 people through the door will get a box of free records.  Now surely, these aren't going to be the greatest records (at least I'm assuming), but a few gems outta your 100 is a possibility, no?  Kudos to Jerry's for this.  So go to Jerry's and adopt some records!  (And buy some, too!!!).

There is also another store somewhere in Pittsburgh called Stedeford's.  However, the word on the streets is that they are taking their limited releases, and selling them on eBay before RSD.  Those bastards.  This is a definite no-no for the stores who agreed to participate, and we can understand RSD for being a little upset about it.  Needless to say, Stedeford's will not be receiving any of our disposable loot for vinyl.  More on this subject in a later post.

And finally, if you'd like to see a rather extensive list of the records being released for this grand occasion, GO HERE.  A lot of great shit on there, and most likely, stuff I won't be able to obtain.  One I would love, obviously, is the Guided by Voices tribute record, Sing For Your Meat, released by No More Fake Labels and curated by Misty Dawn Briggs.  This calls for a time to rely on your friends.  And hopefully (hope, hope), someone can snag me one of these.


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