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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mike Watt & the Missingmen at the Brillobox (revisited)

I think the Brillobox is my favorite place in Pittsburgh. Missing out on tickets for this show because I'm stupid, we decided to wing it and go anyway. The Plan (keeps coming up again): If we find someone with extras, FCKYA! If not, we enjoy some pints and grub in a great atmosphere on a lovely Sunday evening. So we sat at the bar, and put a sign on my back...

Halfway through our hummus (which, btw, is the most incredible and delightful hummus in the city), along came our pal Mr Tommy Amoeba. Tommy knew the opening band, a local act called Neighbors. One of their friends had an extra, and then another friendly dude from down the bar had another...and WE WERE IN!

btw: we also recommend the shrimp tacos.

I missed out on the first few songs from Neighbors, due to those shrimp tacos, but this is a band you should try to catch around the city.  A lot of fun!  They are playing THIS THURSDAY at Lava Lounge.  Also playing will be local bands Ash Dinosaur (Italian pop) and City Steps (indie pop).  Go.  Support local bands. Do it.

Met a couple of these guys from Neighbors, very friendly chaps. "like" them on FB. Sounds like they have an EP coming out this summer.  Also appears they're going through a minor name change, adding the (u) to Neighbours, so don't let that confuse ya.

The Brillobox is pretty small room for those who've never been there.  sidenote to a few people of interest: we heard the Shit Mayor / Amoeba Knievel show there a few years ago was the last time Shit Mayor has performed.  It was jam packed last night.  But that would not deter from the awesomeness of this show.  MW, Tom Watson, and Raul Morales (the Missingmen) are simply phenomenal live.

Admittedly, I am not that familiar with the first two "operas" from Mike Watt ('97's Contemplating the Engine Room, '04's The Secondman's Middle Stand), outside of a few tracks (or parts as they're referred)...and only heard a couple from the new record Hyphenated-Man (which I am now the proud new owner of).  Watt referred to it as his "rock opera," and I may be mistaken, but I'm fairly certain it was played start to finish, which makes sense.  This rock opera is quite the treat, and we can't wait to give it a few spins at home.

Raul Morales (Killer Dreamer, F.Y.P.) kicks ass on the drums, and we'll be anxiously looking for more of him.  And once Hyphenated-Man was over, and the trio came back for an encore, Tom Watson seemed to be unleashed as he morphed into a thinner version of D. Boon. It was one of those rare shows where everyone in attendance just kinda looks around, stunned...like, holy shit....that was AMAZING.  Absolutely incredible show from start to finish, and we can't thank enough the people who helped get us in.

Mike, Tom, and Raul stuck around to meet people, took pictures, and signed records.  Really nice guys.

Get Hyphenated-Man now, over at Mike Watt's Hoot Page, via his own label Clenched Wrench.

Less than optimistic we'd get into this show, we forgot the flip vid and the "good" camera, so apologies for the lack of visual proof.  Thanks to mcgervey on YouTube for posting this...

try it. it works...

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Kono said...

Bummed i missed this one, i saw Mike Watt on the Contemplating the Engine Room tour at the Graffiti many moons ago.