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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What if James Neal never scored another goal...

History will be made.  "All it takes is one," Bob Errey.  You effin said it.

And all James Neal does is score HUGE double OT playoff goals. Y'alls thought this guy sucked :)

Check out the kid to the left who just soiled his Underoos.

some dude named brentjohnsonFTW over on the YouTube has the Mike Lange radio call. No image necessary.  Pure GOLD...

Overall, (and, yes, we know it was only a 1 goal OT win) the Pens were pretty dominant for large chunks of that game. 50+ shots on net, so kudos to crazy face Roloson for keeping the Bolts in the game. Official stat you didn't know about: Dominic Moore has gotten kicked out of more face off circles than anyone in league history. He's pretty much a dick and this is his mom...

Again, 1st goal of the game dictated the game. But upon further review, Tampa Bay doesn't play hockey until they are down TWO goals. What a shame. Once the Pens had a 2 goal lead, it was actually a really entertaining hockey game. Then they tied it, and they went back into hibernation mode with their trap. No wonder the Tampa Bay fans suck. They've got nothing to cheer for. I'm assuming Guy Boucher plays that style to mask the deficiencies on the blue line. But still, for all the talent they have up front, what a snooze fest of a style.

my 3 Stars:

#1 James Neal. Welcome to the team. For the first time since he's donned a Penguin sweater, we can say James Neal played great hockey AND scored a goal! (Yeah...we know he scored one other, but can't even remember that one anymore).

#2 Arron Asham. This dude is all over the place. He added his 3rd goal of the Series, and it could've been 4 or 5. The entire 4th line deserves props. Rupp, CFA, and Asham are monsters right now. And Asham has cemented his spot in the lineup, even when 87 eventually comes back. The depth on this team

#3 Orpik, Letang, Michalek, Martin. I have zero fear when one of these 2 tandems is on the ice. Absolutely stifling D, and more importantly against the 1-3-1 happy Lightning, pin point puck possession.

Other props:
TK - playing with a TON of confidence right now. Kennedy is morphing before your very eyes right now.
Fleury - solid, again.
PKers - Talbot, Duper, CFA, Staal - back to being beasts. Killed 4 Tampa PPs, and including a huge kill in OT (somehow, the refs forgot they put their whistles away).
Tangradi - Big Dog made himself big for the first PPG. Wait...did I just say PPG?!? holy shit...we scored on the PP!!! fckya!!!

This is not Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, so let's all not act like Washington Capitals here, and keep things in perspective. But this was a big win. And this brings a baby tear drop to the eye...

Anyone else get nervous watching Geno shoving dudes towards Sid? Imagine when 87 comes back.

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