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Friday, April 01, 2011

Statement Game

Heading into last night, Coach Disco called this game a "statement game." We love Dan Bylsma, so we're not going to rip his comments. But here are a few of the statements we noticed:

Flat start. The Pens dominated the final 2 periods, but were done in by a horrid start. Can't happen when we meet again in Round 1.

We like to shoot the puck into belly buttons. I'm not sure Dwayne Roloson even has any extremities. What he does have, is an incredible torso that was eating up every one of the Pens' 37 shots (sans the accidental goal by Mike Rupp). It would be nice to pick a corner on this guy.

Steve Downie likes to run around and leave his feet when he hits people. Not that Stephane Auger or Kelly Sutherland noticed. Downie has added some game to his game, and he's no longer just a punching bag. He's still a dick, though.

James Neal may never score. Que broken record: he played a great game, 5 SOG's, some big hits, zero goals.

Jordan Staal apparently left his hands back in Pittsburgh. Hope they ship them to Florida so he has them in time for Saturday's game.

Marty St Louis is a pain in the ass.

Stamkos is not the same player from the 1st half.

Victor Hedman is David Steckl South. Pussy, to highest degree. Nobody went after Hedman for his hit on Crosby the entire game, which we expected and were fine with. But there's Hedman in the 2nd period, after a scrum, grabbing Tyler Kennedy from behind by the face. If you're gonna face wash someone from behind, expect that person to challenge you.

Hedman - 6'6" 229 lbs
Kennedy - 5'11" 183 lbs

But soon as Kennedy confronts Hedman face-to-face and drops the gloves, Hedman plays the scared card. My only point: if you're gonna hit people from behind, and grab their faces from behind, be man enough to face the challenge face-to-face.

Tampa Bay now trails the Pens by 3 points with a game in hand. Hopefully, the Penguin can make a better statement over their last four games.

I have no idea what is going on here...

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