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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pens suckiness; Draws

The better team won Friday night in the CEC.  We'll toot our horn again, as we've been saying, the 1st goal wins the game.  The Bolts got it, and they trapped it up the rest of the game.  Also doesn't help that Tampa Bay can seemingly do whatever they feel like defensively, with no fear of taking penalties, because the Pens power play is now 0-for-37 in the series.  Puke.

Whine mode:
(Keeping in mind the first sentence of the post), adding to the frustration was the way the refs got down on their knees for Guy Boucher after Game 1. Boucher cried about the officiating after Game 1. In typical NHL fashion, they got the calls in Game 2. A minute into the game, Max Talbot puts a shoulder into some jag's chest, which sends him flying into the boards. Perfectly legal and clean hit according to everybody but Dominic Moore. Moore goes bitch boy, and starts jousting with Talbot on the face-off, the refs send Max to the box alone. Piss poor.

St Louis takes a penalty shortly after that, 4-on-4, Tampa scores.  GAME OVER.

2nd period, Tampa doesn't care to play hockey so it was all Pens for the majority of the period. Pens buzzing before Craig Fuckin Adams scores. Hope is alive. Then right before the end of the period, the refs give Brooks Orpik a penalty for something. Apparently, this is the first cross checking penalty ever given to a player who wasn't even on the ice. PPG Tampa, GAME OVER (for reals this time).

A look at the box score will show an even amount of penalties on both sides. Bullocks.

MAF did not stand on his head, as he has been.  Someone will surely be calling for Brent Johnson in Game 2.  A look at Fleury's goals against:
  1. 2 on 1 rush by Tampa as the result of a bad decision by Letang.  Forgivable.
  2. PPG by Vinny.  Forgivable.
  3. Not sure what happened.  ROOT Sports was showing a shot of James Neal holding his lip on the bench when Tampa scored.  Questionable.
  4. PPG by Root Canal. Bad goal, but a PPG nonetheless.
  5. empty netter.  who cares.
Fleury was not the blame, but he will need to be better.  He needs to carry us on his back.

Embarrassing moment of the night: Dominic Moore flopping to the ice at 19:17 of the 3rd with his team up 5-1.  Joke city.  Have some pride, dude.  Was even more embarrassing than his no goal celebration from Game 1...

According to reports this morning, James Neal is NOT on the ice this morning with the team.  Not sure what the scoop is.  Without Neal, the Pens will have to do without another goal scoring forward.

Pens need to take 1 of the next 2 in Tampa Bay.  Do it.


Only Jose Mourinho could dumb down El Classico into a defensive stand still.  The 1st of 4 matches between my beloved Barcelona and Real Madrid over the next couple weeks was kind of a dud.  Two PK's, one by Messi, the other by Ronaldo, and we were left with a 1-1 draw.  From a Barcelona standpoint it was a victory.  Playing at home, RM had to get the full 3 if they had any hope of catching them in La Liga.  Fail.  Hopefully, Wednesday's clash in the Copa Del Ray final will offer more excitement.


Liverpool / Arsenal 1-1. Play of the day: Arsene Wenger goes full cry baby after Lucas is taken down in the box by Eboue. The referee makes the correct call, one that was just made at the opposite end minutes prior, and awards Liverpool the PK. Dirk Kuyt buries it. Kenny Dalglish tells Wenger to piss off...


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TB said...

I actually quite liked the Barca/Madrid game. Had all the usual end to end action, the buckets of hate, and more than a few indications that somebody was getting sent off until somebody did, and the usual "holy fuck Messi and Ronaldo are great...and Iniesta too" displays.

Can only imagine it gets more intense in the next three.