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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Schalke 05

Good thing I bet that over.  The Inter side play was doomed.

Stan the Man (silly Serb) scores the most amazing goal ever, 20 seconds in.  I go crazy...


The next 89 minutes were ruined by the absolute worst defensive play I've ever seen from my beloved Nerazzurri. Schalke hung 5 on our back line. Chivu sucks, and his little helmet makes him look stupid. Andrea Ranocchia looked like a deer in headlights the entire match.  I love Zanetti, but I love him in the midfield...not as one of our fullbacks to be relied on for the occasional D.  Even Maicon is a liability back there.  It looked like we were wearing cement shoes on set pieces.  Michel Therrien thought the Inter defense was soff...

So combine Schalke's 5-2 win with a 4-nil Real Madrid victory over Tottenham, and this basically adds up to a meaningless day of Champions League footie next Wednesday, when these 4 meet for the 2nd leg. Good thing the NHL Playoffs start that day.


Let's hope they are better than yesterday's. Scratch that, at least in the Barca match. I'm going to ride my buddy RandoMango's coat tails here, and lay the 2 goals against Shakhtar. Messi and Xavi are rested. And with La Liga pretty much sealed, full focus (if it wasn't already) can be put here.

The Chelsea / Man Utd game appears to have more cracker potential. I'm playing the draw, which would be a good result for Man Utd.

btw: props to my witty pal gbvh for the headline :)  i wish i could take credit.

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