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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

GBV - Iowa City

Easily one of my favorite shows from the "Classic Lineup" Reunion Tour of this past year.  Bob was amped.  Band was tight.  Sans one dope down front who was present for only about 5 minutes, it was also one of the better crowds I've been in the middle of.  Small intimate venue, with no real problems getting to the bar...at least for this guy.  Tall boys!!!

Paddy Considine was in attendance, and along with openers Times New Viking, were having an absolute riot rawking out behind the band (Mitch side) the entire night.  Speaking of Times New Viking...I love those kids.  Adam (drummer) is fucking hilarious ("anyone got that Reds score?").  New album is coming out via Merge at the end of the month, and we'll surely post more on them in the upcoming week.  Also got some video of TNV doing a few songs, including "Natural Resources, I Love Mine," which will be uploaded soon.  They asked someone to join them with some tambourine play for their new one, "Fuck Her Tears."  My better half obliged.

Bob ripped into "Closer You Are" to start another mammoth set (we've got this on video and will be uploading soon). Kind of a blur after that, as most of these shows turn into for me. Personal highlights included: "Over the Neptune / Mesh Gear Fox", "Buzzards...", "Break Even" (FCKYA!), "Some Drilling Implied", "Gold Star...", "Weed King."

No striped white pants for Demos. Mitch was in usual awesome form. Tobin continues to have this amazed look on his face, like, "look at all these crazy fuckers in front of me." Kevin gave me a pair of sticks to add to my collection. I love that dude. Bob had a couple of hilarious rants. One, when there were some issues with a mic, he asked for another one so he could shove it up his ass (or something like that). Another, where he poked fun at Dinosaur Jr for needing to add the "Jr" part.

Kevin's bass drum is pretty well decked out.  Bob was sporting the brilliant U.S. Mustard Company shirt.  The Cuervo bottle made it around down front.  Another highlight...

Guided by Voices - Expecting Brainchild from Almost Human on Vimeo.

Beautifully shot by our good pal Tirpak, with the small amount of editing done by myself. Hope to upload more soon. For more stills, go HERE, or enjoy...

Great seeing so many good pals, making the 22 hour round trip drive well worth it.  The fist pump arm is pretty sore 3 days later.  Can't wait to do it again in Grand Rapids.

One bit of advice if you ever travel to Iowa City. DO NOT stay at the Sheraton downtown. Their security people apparently get erect on harassing guests. It's pretty creepy, actually.


Jables said...

sweet recap!

So happy Gary is back to crushing empties.

gary said...

literally was crushing empties Saturday night. love my cans at shows!

GR is coming!

Jables said...

I hear in GR they give you shit if you arent making noise at 11 o clock at night.