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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Weekend Winners and Losers

Playing catch-up here.  More important things took place this weekend...most notably Guided by Voices in Iowa City (update to follow).


From what I hear, Tyler Kennedy got his 60th goal of the year in a 4-2 win. Pens remain 1 point up on the Bolts for 4th place and home ice in the 1st round. Last home game of the year tonight vs New Jersey. Must win.


Milan Derby. 3-Nil bad guys. Some unknown dude in Iowa City of all places ruined this for me, with a "tough break today." What a dick. Serves me right for wearing my Marco Materazzi jersey in support of a team I was DVR'ing for later viewing. Oh well. Sounds like he saved 2 hours of my life. A 6th straight Scudetto is now a long shot, being 5 points back with 7 games to play. We were also jumped by Napoli. These are the bad times. And I'm still going to blame Rafa Benitez for the huge hole he dug us in to start the season.

Inter is back in action today at the San Siro to take on Schalke. My official play: Inter with a huge bounce back win. I'm also taking them to advance.


The best team on the planet has pretty much wrapped up La Liga.  The Special One has apparently conceded.


2-1 L to West Brom. So much for any of those Top 4 hopes. Hodgson gets his revenge. Big game next week at home against Man City.


Glad I didn't buy that DeRosario jersey last year. WTF?!? I'm pretty clueless on this. DeRo...he gone. 


Glad I didn't get lured into watching this. From what I here, there were about 40 total points scored in the championship game. I gave up my viewing interest after the first weekend when I was eliminated from all 7 of the pools I was in. I tried switching back in between periods of Pens games, but every time I did...COMMERCIAL. Eff that crap. I need a financial interest to watch hoops.



Inter, as mentioned above.  Lay it.  I'm also going Over the 2.5.

Real Madrid / Tottenham.  I believe I'm abstaining here.  Madrid's odds are high.  They've apparently packed it in La Liga competetion, and are down 8 points to Barca after their L over the weekend.  Tottenham has apparently hit a wall.  Players on both sides are injured with unknown statuses.  Why force it?  May play the draw.

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