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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Losing to the Flyers sucks

Other things that suck...

The Penguins power play. Holy crap is it bad. Something like 3 PP goals in their last 20+ games?!?

Players who never, ever, ever score. James Neal is now on this list. He joins Mike Rupp, Max Talbot, Craig Adams, Chris Conner, I know I'm forgetting someone. The Kris Letang drought is also starting to glare.

Interference calls on face-offs. When they're called only once every 4 years, and it happens to be called on your team, they suck even more.

High sticks that crack lips open which don't get called. They suck even more when all 4 of the stripes gather, talk, and come up with some reason why it isn't a penalty.

Channeling bad Geno Malkin. Kovalev comes down the right wing, 2-on-1, and scores a beauty of a goal. Happy times! Later, an errant drop pass by Kovy turns into a goal the other way...the GWG as it would turn out to be. I hate the drop pass at the blue line. The Russians seem to love it. Matter of fact: it has been scientifically proven that the drop pass results in 2 times as many goals for the other team than it does for your own. Someone needs to relay this to the Russians on the Penguins. The drop pass indeed sucks.

Bad bounces.

The fact that the NHL has a place for a pud puller like Dan Carcillo.

Things that didn't suck:

The return of Mark Letestu. Test tube was money all night on the draws...something this team needs badly.

TK continues to impress. His head is very puffy and swollen right now. So much so, he thought he could toe drag one across the width of the rink and thru 3 defenders. "Shoot the puck" was heard from some dope in the crowd. Kennedy's been a stud since January. Watching him make a fool of Kimmo Turnstilemen was fun to watch.

Kuni's mustache. Pure gold.

Go Pens. Big game tonight vs Tampa.

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