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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gentlemen, start your...


Sidney Crosby has been cleared for game day skates, and will be traveling with the team to Florida. Erroneous reports said Ray Shero put a "2-3 week" timetable on his return. That timetable does NOT appear to be exactly true.  Rob Rossi said earlier that he was cleared to "practice with teammates."

But any baby step forward for #87 is good news the morning after you lose to the fricking Flyers (sucky recap of that sucky game coming shortly).

Funny how big this story is in the Burgh.  OJ could be driving the white Bronco through the Fort Pitt Tunnels waving an axe in one hand out the window, and no one would give a shit.  Release Sid!!! 

thanks again to RandoMango whose always on top of it, and is my inspiration for joining Twitter...which I'll be doing soon I think :)

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