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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Thermals - "Not Like Any Other Feeling"

More Thermals. hot off the presses...

The Thermals - "Not Like Any Other Feeling" from stereogum on Vimeo.

the limited edition 7" is available through Kill Rock Stars HERE. Also...after finishing their Euro tour with the Coathangers (Yast's favorite), they will be hitting the road in June with Matt & Kim. No Pittsburgh date...sigh.

per KRS:

The video for The Thermals' latest single, "Not Like Any Other Feeling", was filmed over the course of 6 months in Seattle and Bellingham, Washington.

Primarily animating in chalk on a 20x40 foot portion of the wall surrounding the Sound Transit Construction Site at Cal Anderson Park, a team of over 50 volunteers worked with the members of the Seattle Experimental Animation Team (SEAT) under the direction of animator Clyde Petersen.

Frame by frame, on the wall and the command modules in the park, the team animated both their bodies and control panels to create a historic revision of the famous first visit to the moon. It was shot both in digital stills and Super 8 film, and later composited into an edit that Petersen then rotoscoped stars, the moon and space barf on top of for the final results.


markASS said...

love the thermals to ,great song i hadnt heard before.....again id love your input into my blog,as ive been writing for a week,'searching for a soul to sell'...thx....youll never walk alone since 1893

gary said...

tanks bro!!! i will indeed check it out. i've been hit or miss on blogger lately...plan on being around much more in a month or so.