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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Burning Bright

A prick stepfather, a hot college chic, an autistic kid, Meat Loaf, and a tiger. All the ingredients of the perfect horror flick. FCKYA!

**** SPOILER (not so much) ALERT ****

After a bit of a slow start (and not knowing the synopsis of the story), my better half comments: "Something's gotta happen here." My response was, "well, jables recommended it, so what do you think?"


Jables said...


First off, that chick is stupid hot. The sweaty tank top and short shorts look didnt hurt.

The plot is beyond rediculous, but i never found myself yelling at my screen more...in a good way.

That part where she is in the vent is awesome....the tiger looking up. Intense.

Not gonna win any awards, but it was good fun.

gary said...

Eat Now! Eat Now!

i use that line with Jess now :)