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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fire Matt Cooke; selfish dicks

A couple of weeks ago, we looked ahead to a 4 game stretch which included Ottawa, Edmonton, and Buffalo, and said the Pens could easily pick up 6 points.  They did.  Going into Sunday, our next 4 games included the Rags, at Detroit, at Philly, and NJ (the hottest team in the NHL).  Tough stretch.  So with a 1-1 game in the 3rd period yesterday, Matt Cooke (selfish dick) decided it was more important to elbow some dude in the head than pick up valuable points in the standings.  5 minute major, game misconduct, game over.  The Pens stand 1 point ahead of Tampa for home ice in the 4/5 match-up, and by week's end, could be looking up at the Lightning.  Thanks, Cookie (selfish dick).

In a season where the Pens have had to scratch and claw their way through a MASH unit of injuries and adversity, Matt Cooke (selfish dick) decided his personal agenda was more important.  I'm done with Matt Cooke (selfish dick).  And from the sound of Dan Bylsma's comments post-game, sounds like he's getting close to fed up as well.

Word on the streets is Matt Cooke (selfish dick) is heading to Toronto today for a hearing, which means a suspension is imminent.  How long, who knows?  Surely, Colin Campbell will do another poor job.  We hope he's done for the season, which would mean 10 games.  If you apply the Trevor Gillies principle, he'll get 5 games (1 more than he got last time).  Personally, I don't care if he ever comes back.  It's a shame, too, because Cooke (selfish dick) actually has some hockey skills.  His presence on the PK, and fore checking presence would be missed.  He's already on Ray Shero's books for the next 2 years at $1.8m/yr guaranteed, so dumping him is tricky.  Personally, I'd rather have Pascal Dupuis at $1.4 and Max Talbot at $1...two UFA's who would become more important to sign without Cooke (selfish dick).

The fact that he's wearing an 'A' is embarrassing...

Curious that Cooke didn't even try his patented "what did I do?" innocent routine as he skated off the ice. Also curious as to what Sid thought when he saw this.

This is certain: There will be a massive run on Mario Hateraid this week.

game side note: Why don't you guys get the Power Play going?

game side note 2: Eddie Olczyk still sounds like a bitter little girl when doing Pens games.  DUDE!  Mario fired you like 6 effing years ago.  GET OVER IT, bitch!


Ben Thousand said...

Absolutely agree, GAR! Cook is a fucking selfish asshole - costing us way too much...

TB said...

This from Bruce Arthur of The National Post in Toronto via Twitter:

You know PIT management/coaching staff is unhappy with Cooke. Made him fly with team to DET yesterday. Separate trip to Toronto today.

gary said...

just heard rumor that Lemieux and Cooke had a lengthy "shape up or ship out" talk. Hope that's true.

TB said...

That's what Nick Kypreos is saying on Twitter (he's a hockey analyst/insider with SportsNet here in Canada.

RealKyper Nick Kypreos
I'm told #Pens Mario/Cooke had spoken at great length yesterday and was basically told to change the way he plays or leave.