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Friday, March 11, 2011

Reservoir Dogs Screeing at Regent Square

SUNDAY!!  8:00pm.

Part 2 of the "in like a lion, out like a lamb" Sunday Series...

i think i watched this about 20 times when it first came out. never saw it on the big screen, though. here's our chance.


TB said...

Where do you rate it relative to the rest of Tarantino's stuff? I've got it well down the list.

1. Pulp Fiction - forever and always, my fav movie.
2. Kill Bill (the series)
3. Inglorious Basterds
4/5. Death Proof/Reservoir

I think RD is down the list for me as I had heard so much about it before seeing it, and I fuckin hate "Stuck In The Middle".

Jables said...

1 - Pulp
2 - Death Proof
3 - Kill Bills
4 - Basterds
5 - Dogs

...and i fucking LOVE my Dogs.

gary said...

if I were forced to compare the QT collection to that of say...GBV albums, I would say:

Reservoir Dogs is your Bee Thousand, and Pulp Fiction is obviously your Alien Lanes. Basterds would be UTBUTS. Then you've got your Kill Bills...which would be kinda like your Do The Collapses. Death Proof is your Iso Drills. Clearly, this equates to:

1) Pulp
2) Res Dogs
3) Basterds
4) Death Proof
5) Kill Bills

Jackie Brown would be your Mag Earwhig, meaning that it would slide nicely in between Basterds and DP.


TB said...

Does that make Jackie Brown Lazio?

gary said...

hahah!! fuck...i'm never gonna live that down.

Rupe said...

This came out while I was in school at Pitt, and it was reviewed in The Pitt News, whose slapdick writer *TOLD YOU WHO THE COP WAS*. Same issue also revealed everything that happens in the first 45 minutes of 'The Crying Game'.

Despite my rage at these reviewing shenanigans, DOGS was still well worth seeing.