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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fire Jamie Dixon; dumb asses

Nothing new here. Another year where Pitt doesn't play up to their seed in the NCAA Tournament. Another year where they choke. Jamie Dixon would like for you to believe that they were outplayed for most of the night. They were. Also nothing new.

The major problem with Dixon, however, is the complete incompetence displayed in the final 1.4 seconds. Tie game...you had to have seen the missed free throw coming from Gilbert Brown (they're Pitt, remember that they always choke). What in the world is Dixon trying to accomplish by putting anyone in a Pitt uniform in the lane with 1.4 seconds left?! Jamie Dixon would like you to believe there was a chance for a tip in off the missed free throw (which we knew was coming...remember, Pitt always chokes). But a tip-in off a missed FT happens about 100 times less than what actually did happen.  A foul.

Every team has a dumb ass low IQ person or two, or 3 or 4 or 5.  This is the NCAA Tournament, so this is normal.  Nasir Robinson is a dumb ass low IQ person.  Everybody knows this.  For some reason, Robinson (dumb ass low IQ person) thought that hacking a dude on the rebound with less than a second left was going to accomplish something other than doom for Pitt.  So dumb ass low IQ person is a major player in the choke job as well.  But where Dixon fails is this: You don't put your dumb asses low IQ people in a position to make them fail.  Nasir Robinson (dumb ass low IQ person) should have never been in the lane in the first place.  Surely, one of the 17 assistant coaches sitting on the Pitt bench could have instructed the Pitt players with 2 simple words: NO FOULS.  But maybe the entire coaching staff is as incompetent as Dixon.  Either way, Dixon is responsible.  Dixon must go.

Whiners will point out that the referees should swallow the whistle, and not decide the game in that situation.  Those same whiners have too short a memory to remember that less than 1 second prior, it was Butler being called for a foul that sent Pitt to the line in first place.

Dixon apologists will point to Pitt's stellar regular season record under the current regime.  Bravo.  Have fun with it, because that is the only thing Pitt will ever accomplish under the deer in headlights that is Jamie Dixon.

This kid > Charles Barkley...

* editor's note: I was told the term "dumb ass" is a tad harsh. These are kids, after all. Just some kids are dumber have a lower IQ than others.


TB said...

Kids? They're old enough to vote and most to go pro so I wouldn't say it is overly harsh, especially when most six year olds would've seen that as a boneheaded play.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Sorry so late to read it. Fact is, Dixon's teams have, year in and year out, had incredibly low basketball IQs. Coupled with incredibly inflated big time basketball 'tudes. Classic legends in their own minds.

Next year, it will be the same Pitt BB bullshit. How great a coach Dixon is, great December, big upsets in January, February swoon (oh well, we are really into the teeth of the Big East schedule), and then March nose dive. You could give this guy Larry Bird, Jordan, Johnson, Bill Russell and Jerry West, and he would still lose in the first or second round of the tournament. To Bradley, Butler, or Ball State.

Fact is, the guy has just copied Ben Howland's formula for winning in the Big East during the season. Once outside that comfort zone, he is clueless.