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Saturday, March 05, 2011

i'm sick of these dumb ass 3 point games

Four minutes into last night's game, Kris Letang gets a game misconduct for not having his jersey tied down. Great. Early second, Travis Zajac puts a backhanded floater through Brent Johnson's armpit. Eff me.

Then Penguins all-world superstar Tyler Kennedy ties it at 1's.

With Brent Johnson flopping all over the ice like a handicapped salmon, and our 5 remaining D-men logging lofty minutes (Paul Martin had over 35 TOI?!?!), it still felt like pending doom.

So at about the 15 minute mark of the 3rd, I felt myself praying for 1 point. Yeah, I said it. Made me feel like a cheap whore. HOLD ON, BOYS!!! With one point in the hoppers, Johny did his best wounded fish impersonation, and I didn't really care about that dick Kovalpuke celebrating in my face. It was inevitable.  I sold out for 1 point, and was happy to take it.

Bottom line: the NHL needs to do something about this lame system.
  • 3 points for a regulation win
  • 2 points for an OT or shootout win
  • 1 point for an OT or shootout loss
THERE!  SOLVED!  Who gives a rat's turd if it messes up the record books.  If it means that much to you, go back, do the math, and recalculate the fucking standings based on the above.  Let Colin Campbell do it.  He's certainly not doing anything worthwhile in his current position.

Certainly everyone has seen this...

Garth Snow is still clueless:
“I know Trevor as a person and I know there was no malicious intent when he was finishing the check.”
What a dope.

So the Colin Campbell decision process was like this:

9 games suspended, repeat offender takes a whole 3 minutes to repeat his actions.  That calls for an 11% increase in punishment...10 games this time!!  At that rate, we'll have another injured player in 11 games, and the next suspension will be 11 more games for Gillies.  For chrissakes charlie, someone save the NHL.

Go Pens.

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