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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now let's you just drop them pants

Ned Beatty as Dez Bryant
Hillbillies as Mall Security
Jon Voight as Jerry Jones

squeal louder. louder! squeal louder


TB said...

Thought this was going to be about the fine pants Hines Ward was sporting on Dancing with the Stars. He looks good in...tan?

gary said...

haha!! i actually haven't seen it yet. there was a Pens game on...and the rare times we turned to see it, no Hines. Not sure I was gonna DVR the 2-hour show just to see Hines :)

although i heard he played the no-respect cards in typical #86 fashion...

"no one thinks i can win this"

hysterical. it's him against the world, as usual :)