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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Vanishing

Kiefer Sutherland as Me
Sandra Bullock as Sidney Crosby
Jeff Bridges as Concussion Symptoms
Nancy Travis as Alexei Kovalev?

the worst part about the whole Sid thing is / was the unknown.  Ask Kiefer.

So Sid skating doesn't guarantee he'll be back this season.  I'm fine with that.  Maybe he'll come back after the 1st round of the playoffs...maybe the Conference Semis. That would be swell. But the important thing here is that it's a start.  The unknown was the worst.  Retire?!?!  Sheesh.  He's Sidney Crosby for chrissakes.  And for now...this little blip of lacing up the skates and putting the gear on is good enough.

my eyes get a little moist watching this...

in other news: Aaron Asham appears set for a return Sunday. The "who sits" is an exciting and new problem with this team.


tirpak attack said...

Wow.. at second glance.. Sid is pretty freakin hot.

gary said...

i would've chosen someone other than Kiefer to play me, but i can't complain.

Perhaps Javier Bardem or Colin Firth or Michael Emerson

Dave Weldon said...

Gas was $1.27 back then, 1:27 seconds in...creepy.