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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


and you thought Martyrs was a rough ride?  Actually, we thought Frontier(s) was directed by the same guy (Pascal Laugier), but turns out it's some other French sicko (and we say "sicko" with the utmost affection), Xavier Gens. After seeing it, you might see some similarities.  Anyway, must see...

The film was banned in Thailand for its violence. And after being slated for 2007's After Dark Horrorfest, it was booted for its NC-17 rating (really?!).  Instead, it premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Fest, and received its own theatrical release.

"The French answer to Saw and Hostel." ~ John Anderson, Variety
I'm not a big Saw fan. I was thinking more along the lines: Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Martyrs, and sprinkle in some neo-Nazism. Anyway...I guess I dare you to watch it. Just don't tell anyone I recommended it. I blame jables :)


Jables said...

You were warned about this one! haha.

Enter at your own risk. Even i had trouble getting through it.

The funny part is the part that scared me the most, to the point where I actually fast forwarded, was when they are stuck in that cave. My claustrophobia kicked in full force. Could not breathe.

gbvh said...

Release the Mars Classroom coverage!

gary said...

i don't have it yet. it's not released until the 29th?!?

ILB said...

^ hahahaha that's good stuff.

gbvh/ILB said...


Every day of the year.

gary said...

i'm assuming that's a Bob lyric to which I'm unfamiliar, adding to the IDLB thing :)