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Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow


20 years ago. hot damn.


Jables said...

This song now reminds me of Hi Fi in NYC. FK.

gbvh said...

Man you got a lot of favourite bands.


gary said...

MBV would be like...an Osasuna. Then you've got your Built to Spills


gbvh said...

You sure they're not, like, a Lazio?

gary said...

Ah jeez.

a guy mixes an Italian team into the La Liga mix, and he never hears the end of it.

jables coulda done me solid and did some fancy audio editing for that, but Noooooooooooo :)

gbvh said...

^ hahahaha. he'd have had to know, though, that lazio isn't in la liga.

if i may quote him: GO SPORTS !

Jables said...

Yea I mean really, I had to google La Liga to get the spelling.

Go sports!

Kono said...

Fuck i'm old.