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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


MONSTER game from James Neal last night. The consensus was that Neal played his best game Saturday night against Boston. He bested that against Buffalo, and had a hand in all 3 Pens goals. The 1st one was a beaut, and Neal's first G as a Pen. You could see the weight lifted off his shoulders as his new teammates were all smiles around him. Neal then assists on Zyb Michalek's 1st goal in 337 games (and 1st as a Pen). He then aids on the clincher with a great hustle play, keeps the puck in the zone, before Michalek let another one fly on net...this one getting deflected by Test Tube. 1 goal, 1 assist, +3 on the night. #1 Star.

#2 Star goes to Michalek.  What a stud of an off-season signing from Ray Shero.  Michalek is like having a second goalie on the ice, and isn't counted on for much O.  But he's got a great head up ice, and is exceptional at getting the puck out of the zone, and into the forwards' hands.  He's the perfect fit for Bylsma's system, and makes us all forget about Rob Scuderi.  1 goal, 1 assist.

#3 Star for Fleury.  What a human being.  Dude needs serious Vezina Trophy consideration. The Hart is also a possibility. Fleury's heroics with all of the man games lost is the definition of MVP. If teh Pens surpass Philly for Eastern Conference supremacy, the argument gets even stronger.


welcome back Chris Kunitz.  Solid game.  We missed ya.

Power Play was 0-for-23.  That needs to change, otherwise, teams will take liberties.  And you never want your opponents to take liberties.

3-0 Footie Day!! bury your man!

As I mentioned elsewhere, if there's been a better futbol player than Lionel Messi, I need to see it. The Barcelona attack is pure joy to watch. Arsenal is not a shabby team, yet they spent the majority of the match (I think the possession was something like 95/5 in favor of Barca) on their heels, holding on for dear life.


one of my favorite images of the day, seeing Pep Guardiola getting all jackt after that goal. I guess Pep had a laugh at Arsene Wenger's expense post match, when asked what Wenger said to him:
"Wenger told me to congratulate the referee"
Sorry, but that's just sour grapes.  Barcelona scored all 4 goals of the 3-1 win (just 1 was in the wrong net).  They were the better team, and in a big way.  I guess I didn't realize it, but Arsenal had 0 (ZERO!) shots on goal.  Tough way to win.  And if you don't want to leave a second yellow in the ref's hands (V Persie), don't be an ass bag and take your first yellow.

Must admit, as much as Barcelona dominated the statistics, being only one mistake away from being ousted (and out 4-1 odds) had me sweating a bit. But they advance, WINNER.

I love watching my Barcelona.

The Shak put Roma out of its misery, 3-Nil. (WINNER). The biggest moment for me came in the 87th when Eduardo slipped the 3rd goal past that powder puff Doni. OVER! (WINNER). Actually, it should've went over a while back, but Borriello choked all over his PK attempt. Roma was cooked at that moment. And Shakhtar Donetsk will be an underestimated but tough draw for anybody in the next round.


I've already got Valencia to advance, and while Raul's 1-1 tying goal gives Schalke the advantage coming back home, I'm gonna let this ride. No attempt to hedge, no great feel for this...Abstain.

Tottenham. WINNER. I've got the Spurs with the odds to advance, and I'll take the small odds here on the WIN as well. AC Milan looked like a defeated squad last time out, with Gattuso going all berzerker and stuff. When's the last time that ponce Ibra did anything in this competition? Never? Tough times for Serie A in the CL this week.

standing at 5-5 currently (with a small minus after odds). Today...back in black.

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Lionel is good, George was Best.